Jane Bronkhorst

Jane Bronkhorst grew up in a loving and caring home in Cape Town.  She studied Hotel Management and Hospitality after completing her schooling and worked for 13 years in the hotel  industry.  During that time [...]

Tabisa Mahlathi

Tabisa Mahlathi grew up in the small Eastern Cape town of Mt Frere.  After matriculation at the local high school, she studied at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where she obtained a qualification in [...]

Vuyiseka Tekwane

Nurserywoman Vuyiseka Tekwane began working in the Mhani Gingi Nursery in 2015. She was doing domestic work through an agency and lived in informal housing in Cape Town at the time. She learned how to [...]

Monique Mohamed

Monique Mohamed is 39 years old and was born and raised in Cape Town. She finished 11 years in school. She always dreamed about becoming an artist, but never saw herself coming so far. She [...]

Ntsiki Katase

Ntsiki Katase was born in Cape Town in October 1979. She went to school in Gugulethu and finished Grade 11. She never had the chance to go to tertiary level, but is hoping to have [...]

Nompumelelo Xalabile

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Mpumi Xalabile now lives in Lower Crossroads with her husband and three children. A committed Christian, her main passion is gardening – she likes nothing better than to plant vegetables [...]

Noma Dyosiba

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Noma Dyosiba has lived in Lower Crossroads for three years. With four children of her own and three foster children, ages ranging from six to 23 years, she has a [...]

Nondumisu Esther Ganca

Nondumisu Esther Ganca's introduction to textiles was in 1993 when she was recruited by her sister to work with her and seven other women at a design company. Together they created waistcoats, cushion covers, placemats [...]

Rita Nyamza

Living in Nyanga, Rita Nyamza is in her own words "a fighter, a dreamer, and a visualiser," who loves what she does for a living, and even more that she is able to support her [...]

Nosisa Magutywa

Nosisa Magutywa is originally from the Eastern Cape, where her mother taught her how to sew and bead. She is divorced and has two children, and calls herself a survivor who refuses to give up. [...]

Gladys Matolengwe

Gladys Matolengwe is a single mother who used to work for a design company. However, with the support of her former boss, she decided it was time to leave her job and begin a new [...]

Vuyelwa Selana

After realising her entrepreneurial talent relatively late in life, Vuyelwa Selana has been making up for lost time by taking opportunities when offered to her and running with them. In 2006, while sewing clothes such [...]

Sandra Panze

Sandra Panze was born into a family of 12 in Zimbabwe and started selling her home-made crafts from an early age. She learned how to use a sewing machine and after purchasing her own, was [...]