Dr Earl Starr

Earl Starr is a University of Cape Town graduate who completed his Doctoral degree in Chemistry in 1996. He has spent 15 years in large multi-national companies sustaining and improving Quality, Safety & Health and Environmental systems within their production facilities.  His expertise covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of Food Safety Manufacturing & Laboratory Practices and more generic World Class Manufacturing, inclusive of Six Sigma Black Belt project management.  He currently runs a business consulting agency, Stellar Integrated Management Consulting (SIMCON), which focuses on implementation of quality management systems and ISO programs. Starr is contributing to Mhani Gingi by providing the knowledge and experience the organisation needs for setting up the Plant Tissue Laboratory.

SIMCON works mainly with local SMMEs to make them more competitive in today’s world.  Their primary focus is introducing an integrated business management framework that is based on fundamental quality management principles.   Based on their client’s business enviroscan and individual needs, they partner towards implementation of basic quality managements systems and further to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP certification.  Their expertise extends further into new laboratory project management and training in good laboratory practices.

Through these focussed quality programmes, they aim to shift the traditional paradigm of quality-versus-cost to a business partnering approach of quality-for-profit.

For more information contact:

Dr Earl Starr

Stellar Integrated Management Consulting

Cell: 076 790 6929

Tel: 021 689 1818

E-mail: earl.starr@mweb.co.za


Dorothy Van Hoorn

Dorothy is a Business Development Consultant based in Cape Town, specialising in human capital management and performance enhancement. Through the course of her career she has covered a broad range of business disciplines, finding that her passion lies in solving business challenges through effective people development.

She currently supports both a local and international client base and works to equip her clients with implementation strategies to deliver exceptional value and results through their people.

Dorothy spent several years working across a range of both operational and support functions at the multi award-winning Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town.

Amongst her roles, she was responsible for Human Capital Management and Learning Development.  As one of her greatest achievements Dorothy led the successful bid by the Cape Grace for accreditation for the Fair Trade in Tourism award. Their bid achieved 100% for the skills development component of the assessment, based on the programmes and initiatives that she implemented for the organisation.

Through her strategic workforce planning, Dorothy was able to optimize the succession and development of highly skilled members of the Cape Grace team to enable talent retention throughout the organisation. Dorothy was also responsible for launching and implementing the CSI policy and development plan used by the business.

Dorothy Van Hoorn’s work is underpinned by her belief that every organisation has people with latent potential – potential that just has to be harnessed and nurtured to deliver exceptional performance.

For more information contact:

Dorothy van Hoorn

E-mail:  dorothy@talentmondial.com