It takes a truly remarkable woman to start a day care center in their community while trying to make ends meet with almost nothing to begin with.

To build a future generation, who is in pursuit of their full potential, a firm foundation is needed. Our first social development project, Siyaphila Day Care started in 2010 in Nyanga East. Mhani Gingi facilitated the 5 carers training and they have now set in place a structured programme and appropriate activities for the children every day. Vegetable gardens were started at Siyaphila, RGG, and Sisonke in order to provide our children with healthy diets. These gardens are making a great difference to the lives of the young children being nurtured at the centers.

Mhani Gingi has helped RGG to fundraise for a new safer structure for the children’s classrooms and acquired donations for paint for the classrooms.

Siyaphila, RGG and Sisonke offer parents and guardians a safe place to leave their children

 Youth, Disabled, & Aged

We facilitate skills training for both the aged and the youth to keep them busy, improve their skill knowledge, and to improve their livelihoods.

We provide seedlings and gardening support services to the Langa Chesire home for the disabled, which has provided food for their kitchen and helps them fundraise through selling produce. Mhani Gingi has also provided seedlings to Thernbalethu, School for the disabled in Gugulethu.


The following links show examples of Mhani Gingi’s conscious decision to support specific target areas as the organization’s social responsibility: