Mhani Gingi’s Programmes are aligned to three specific strategic objectives:

In sourcing and categorising our respective projects, we look to these three areas for direction.

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Network Initiative

DSCF01211Under Network Initiative we work to develop enterprise using our model. Mhani Gingi has grouped our network member activities as these focus on empowering women and youth to be wealth creators and small business owners. With targeted business skills development, these women are equipped with the knowledge and tools to start and run their own sustainable enterprises.

Social Responsibility

Silje-with-some-of-the-mothers-at-the-educare-centrBecause we are global citizens who believe passionately about the sustainability of our local communities, we have allocated specific resources to our own social responsibility. In these programmes we target vulnerable children, the elderly and education.


_MG_6932Our Flagship programme supports environmental awareness and education through the nursery at TSIBA, the community gardens and the proposed tissue plant laboratory. With the importance of environmental consciousness and awareness of climate change, we strive to educate those who are uninformed and in so doing promote food security and health and nutrition.