The value of a volunteer is invaluable. In the areas of poverty and limitations the need for help expands further than what money or any government can offer. These areas of poverty are filled with undiscovered skills, hidden entrepreneurs and people with dreams.

Most of these children, men and women have never had the chance to go to school or study. They might not know how to read or write, how to multiply and divide or how to take use of networks, the Internet or the media. Still – We’ve seen them succeed in turning useless lands in to fields of gold. We have seen them learn how to make great music of failed instruments. We’ve seen them make business from a bag of beans.  All with a little help – from you.

We believe that everyone can do something. In one way or another – all of us have skills that can be used to create something bigger – we might just not know how. That is how you can contribute. If you are a gardener, you can help someone grow a nursery. If you are a carpenter, you can show someone how to build a house. If you are an architect you can create solutions. If you are a designer you can help create a layout. If you are a bus driver, a technician, an artist, a florist, an engineer, a lawyer, a human being: you can help. If you help others help themselves you are not only creating a sustainable future – you are helping others create a dignified present for themselves and their whole network.

The value of a volunteer is invaluable.  By volunteering to help the people in the fields of poverty make use of their own skills; you are helping them become entrepreneurs.  By involving your own skills in the organization, you are helping us becoming stronger social entrepreneurs – building society as it could be. As it should be.

Mhani Gingi welcomes interns and volunteers from all over the world. Please contact us if you wish to contribute with intellectual, material or financial resources.


– Volunteer Stian and his new best friends