Gladys Matolengwe is a single mother who used to work for a design company. However, with the support of her former boss, she decided it was time to leave her job and begin a new career. She started a successful bed and breakfast in her home in Gugulethu, which is frequented by tourists exploring the community. Matolengwe is also skilled at making unique jewellery from recycled magazines, and uses the B&B both as a workshop and a marketplace. She chooses colourful sections of the magazine, rolls it up and dips it in varnish, and then leaves it out in the sun to dry. These unique, beautiful beads are her trademark! Because there is a high unemployment rate in Gugulethu, Gladys holds beading workshops for other members of the community and tourists alike.

Jewellery out of recycled magazine paper
Mobile Phone: 078 676 7812