The Power Of The Collective

Mhani Gingi is on a mission to empower individuals to make informed business decisions and maximise their collective power of saving to create wealth.

To this end Mhani Gingi aims to:

  • Empower ordinary people through tailor-made personal and business skills development training, to do extra-ordinary day-to-day things, while improving their livelihoods and those of others.
  • Transform indigenous knowledge of ‘stokvels’ as a business model, while maximizing the power of the collective to empower people to become creators of wealth and owners rather than always being consumers of goods and services and suppliers of labour.
  • Promote networks of like-minded people who instigate sustainable and profitable initiatives for primarily women and youth in order to alleviate poverty.
  • Achieve successful Broad-based Economic results through the concept of measuring the Triple Bottom Line.

A Women’s Workshop

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