Skills Development Workshops

Network members are provided with the opportunity to attend regular skills development workshops. These workshops cover a broad range of technical and business skills training. Technical experts are sourced to assist the women in learning new craft disciplines. To compliment these technical skills, network members are also trained in the fundamentals of business.

With both the technical and business expertise, these groups of women are encouraged to start their own small enterprises.

Business Skills Programme

Network members are trained in the fundamentals of business, providing them with basic skills in Marketing, Finance and Business etiquette.

Network Members attending a Financial Planning Workshop


Christmas Craft Project

A small group of network members, who specialise in crafts, attended a recent series of Christmas Craft Workshops where they learnt to make beautiful cards and striking decorations.

The second Christmas Craft Workshop held at the Gugulethu Library

Decorations to adorn your Christmas tree

Christmas Cards made by the “Crafting” Network Members


Christmas tree – Christmas Decorations are available for sale at various craft fairs and through the Mhani Gingi office. Please contact us if you would like to make a purchase.

Professional Communication & Career Readiness

A group of unemployed youth from in and around the Gugulethu area applied to participate in a recent 6-week programme to prepare them for the workplace. This programme provides participants with skills in professional communication, business etiquette, corporate image, workplace rights and obligations as well as interviewing skills.

Project Coordinators and Delegates photographed at the Professional Communication and Career Readiness Programme Launch

Workshop Delegates accessorise before an ice-breaker activity