Alignment to the UN Millenium Development Goals

Mhani Gingi is aligned to the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDG) through the vision of becoming a renowned leader in providing innovative solutions towards alleviating poverty within the global society.

Aligned to the 1st UN MDG ; Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
. Mhani Gingi is working to improve food security by supporting soup kitchens in the townships as well as establishing the Nursery at Tsiba and the Community Gardens which encourage food sustainability and better nutritional practices.


Aligned to the 3rd UN MDG; Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
. Mhani Gingi’s mission is the empowerment of women. The network initiatives strive to educate and empower women to become creators of wealth.



Aligned to the 7th UN MDG; Ensure Environmental Sustainability
. The Tissue Plant Laboratory is contributing to the protection of indigenous plants and species which are in danger of extinction. The Vegetable Seedling Nursery cultivates organically produced vegetables. Both projects engage with the local community to facilitate environmental sustainability.


Aligned to the 8th UN MDG; Develop a Global Partnership for Development
. Mhani Gingi is actively networking to help its members reach new customers, suppliers and markets. We are creating strong relationships with international partners in the public sector, with private companies, volunteers, philanthropists, and other NGOs.