The R.G.G kindergarten is situated in Marcus Garvey, a rastafari area in the Philippi township. The educare celebrated its one year anniversary in july 2010. The kindergarten had then gone through a transformation from being situated in a small shack with the roof falling through, until consisting of a new shack and a container including some books and stationary for the kids. The women explain this transformation by elaborating on the importance of taking the first step yourself. They express how vital it is to start doing something instead of just waiting for others to take action. “If you want to start something, you first need to have movement, and then help will come”, says Siyasanga, one of the founders. The Mhani Gingi network is formed by women who have the same spirit as siyasanga and her “sisters”. It is vital to work with people who are proactive, for the projects to be successful.Today, the construction of the shack is not sufficient to last another winter. The temperature gets too low for the little kids, and the roof cannot bear heavy rain. Fortunately, one of Mhani Gingi’s former volunteers, Nicole Holzberg has been very dedicated to help the women and their little educare. She has been fundraising for a new structure to replace the old shack. Mhani Gingi hopes the resources will be available in the nearest future, for the rebuilding to be completed by the time winter starts in june 2011.