About Us



Flagship Projects establish

gardens in the communities that

enable members to consume and

sell organically grown produce.


Network Initiative

Mhani Gingi's network members

learn business and marketing skills to

become social entrepreneurs, selling

crafts and goods at local markets.


Social Responsibility

Mhani Gingi provides support to Early

Learning Centres in several

communities across Cape Town,

allowing parents to work while their

children develop communication,

literacy, and social skills.


Mhani Gingi – when translated into English – stands for a caring, industrious woman who is always looking for lasting solutions to social problems. Mhani Gingi is a non-profit organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable, and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.


The Mhani Gingi network was established in 2006 by founding director Lillian Masebenza. There are three main branches of this organization: Network Initiatives, Social Responsibility, and The Flagship. Mhani Gingi has over 250 children enrolled in early learning centers, 25 women working in community gardens, and over 500 network members who have successfully started their own businesses. Mhani Gingi does this by providing business training, skills development, and mentorship.

Mhani Gingi uses the Power of the Collective to maximize networking, and tailor-make integrated skills development training according to the collective strengths and skills of the members. The main focus is currently on the province of the Western Cape, specializing on the townships surrounding Cape Town.

Recent Posts

Nocawe Mdoda – Mandela Day

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Three organisations, African Change, Lighton Education and Mhani Gingi Social

Entrepreneurial Network, in partnership, 20150718_124158 
provided a series of 6 workshops to Early Childhood Development practitioners located in the Philippi area. These workshops included the value of using waste in the ECD centres and how skills, concepts and activities could be developed to deliver quality education through the use of recyclable items.

One passionate young teacher, Nocawe Mdoda, embraced this concept, and although she does not yet have her own ECD, chose to spend Mandela Day providing young children in her immediate community with an ECD made up purely of waste. This encouraged the young children to view waste through different “glasses” , encouraged parents to use waste at home to enhance the learning experience of their young children and to encourage a clean environment.

With no structure within which to set up an ECD, she used the outside area of her parents’ home in Khayelitsha. Good weather was a definite prerequisite for this and this is what Nocawe got! This inspirational young lady had a team of learners, ranging from grades 8 – 10, who assisted her in her preparations. They, too, were wearing “waste”. These learners gave their school holidays to paying it forward to the younger community members.







“A wonderful afternoon was achieved by all, where young and old gathered to celebrate the life of Madiba, who said ‘education is the greatest weapon anyone can
use to change the world.’ Nocawe, for being that change, we commend you. Thank you for inspiring us all! Stand tall!!” said Joan Wright, Trustee of Mhani Gingi and a committed educator who helped train the ECD practitioners.


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